UAS group combines great project experience and creativity with documented project management and projecting skills. We work with various projects and creative solutions for urban environments where we undertake assignments in sizes S - XL. UAS group works with both reformulation of old, and development of new environments, but also with smaller design projects and strategic investigations. UAS strives to optimize the effects of an idea in an area, a region or an environment by means of participation - in dialogue with users, contractors, developers and media- we see that both the creative process and the final result gives the added value we want.

Urban Art Solutions can not satisfactorily be described solely as architects, artists, graphic designers, landscape architects and strategic thinkers. Nor as a think-tank but rather as a tool for navigation in the fields of art, architecture, urbanism, research and development. UAS is a creative fusion with focus on art, innovative design solutions and strategies for urban space and living environments. UAS has also the skills to bring out communicative messages in connection with our projects. We are working on projects and interpretation at the intersection of design and art or art that is experienced in terms of design. UAS develops concepts on project basis. The ideas are the engine from conception to reality. UAS can be hired by clients for specific projects, but in many cases we work from an idea that we generate ourselves as a first step to be further developed together with a partner.


Urban Art Solutions is searching for balance between modernization in form and social responsibilities. The methods of doing this includes action-art projects and interactive communication. We make space for innovation. We stimulate top-down-bottom-up approaches. UAS is driven by the pursuit for quality. With three steps, 1. strategic analysis, 2. visual and practical interpretation 3. project support, UAS cover the entire route from idea to completed environment. With this UAS adds a value to each location and create conditions for lasting and sustainable development in an area.

Urban Art Solutions group is an unconventional group, composed of a number of different skills related to the urban environment. The team consists of architects, landscape architects, artists, strategists and graphic designers. What is significant, and which brings the team together is that everyone has worked on solutions for urban environment in their current field of activities. The group is looking for a balance between modernization in form, social responsibility, artistic elevation and communication. Projects are often interactive and assignments are handled from a non-traditional way of approaching a problem.

Urban Art Solutions