Is the title of an interactive art project from 2002 created by the artist Johan Ferner Ström. The piece is an artistic impression of the phenomenon football and how it resembles the playground of life which is neither equilateral nor level. The ball doesn’t go where you want, the different halves of the filed are not the same for everybody and the goals are definitely not the same size.
The football field’s injustices, are negated by the varying skills and strengths of the players.

The construction of the Puckelball pitch is a segment in Malmö city’s ambition to develop new interesting meeting places which encourage being outdoors, playing and spontaneous sport. Different from a regular football pitch Puckelball pitch is a designed experiment which promotes creative usage of the surface.

The Puckelball field was established 2003 and are design protected since 2004 
PRV: 7786, OHIM: 278296

Malmö Stad, inaugurated 2009, 
Skärholmen Stockholm in process 2010

Making Space Award, Skottland 2010
Siena Award, Sweden 2010puckelbollfilm.html